Can you create a virtual notebook in Evernote?

Yes! It can be done with this hack

Recently I described how to make virtual folder trees in Evernote. In my new book, The Master Note System: A New Way to Use Evernote to Organize Your Life, you’ll learn too how to use the Master Note concept of links in tables to make virtual notebooks in a single note.

Notebooks don’t have links, but you can create a “virtual notebook” in a note. Why would you want to? Well, you may have used up the allotted number of notebooks, or you don’t like using notebooks, or you want to collect notes from various notebooks in a single place. Or maybe like me, you find the search process tedious and time consuming.

You can copy the same note to various notebooks, but if you make changes, it won’t automatically update the other notes. If you use a virtual notebook, you’d have only one note that you can readily update.

Gil is a website designer. One of his projects requires he find the code from other projects and archived notes. He also must be linked to some websites and some shared documents on cloud drives. He has notes with color schemes, graphical snippets, and a photo gallery of stock images he is considering.

Rather than set up a notebook for this project, Gil created a virtual notebook in a single note. It’s a variation on the Master Notes in my book:

Gil could now link to everything he needed for the AeroDB project from this one note. He linked directly to his lightboxes, saving more time when he needed to find graphics he was considering. All the files were in a Dropbox folder he shared with the client’s contact people. One click and he’s there.

Gil used the same note for all his projects. He would copy this and use it for another project, just changing the label and a few links and tags. All the project notes for current projects were in one notebook. When he completed the project, he would add the link to the finished website at the top of the note, above the table. Then he would move the note to his archived projects notebook.

This virtual notebook template is included with the book as a free bonus, along with many other templates so you can use the Master Note System instantly.

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