Can you really organize your whole life on a single page?

Yes! Use the Master Note System

Learn a new way to organize your life on a single page by using the Master Note System with Evernote, a free program. This is a simple system where you put everything in Master Notes, one or two clicks away.

My new book, The Master Note System: A New Way to Use Evernote to Organize Your Life, is easy to read with real-life stories and numerous screenshots showing step by step how to organize everything to become more productive and efficient.

A high level executive at a Fortune 100 company said, “Makes for an easy and captivating read….I didn’t even know that I was learning because the use of real life scenarios made for a compelling read.”

Entirely customizable, Master Notes work with any existing system, such as GTD. Free Master Note templates come with the book’s bonus Resource Kit, if you want to use a variety of pre-made, tweakable tables.

You can get get this new book for free for a few days only. Just sign up here and you will be sent the book description and more details on where to get it:

For an example of how this works, see my earlier post: So you made a note, but how do you find it later?

The Master Note System: A New Way to Use Evernote to Organize Your Life will be available 11/30/16 and free for three days. To find out more and how to get a free copy, go here.