Start the New Year with a New Way to Organize Your Life!

Put everything on one page so you can find it in seconds with one or two clicks

Start 2017 on the right foot. Take advantage of the introductory price of the international bestseller, The Master Note System: A New Way to Use Evernote to Organize Your Life.

This book describes an easy-to-learn method for storing and finding fast every digital thing, from notes in Evernote to documents on your cloud or hard drives. The book comes with numerous free templates so you are up and running fast. No coding or programming necessary — just instant organization.

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3 thoughts on “Start the New Year with a New Way to Organize Your Life!

  1. Just started the book and think it will indeed be very helpful. I have been an Evernote user for several years but have no real system yet and keep trying to decide between lots of tagging or detailed notebooks….maybe Master Notes instead??
    I’m reading the book on Kindle app on ipad. One issue is the graphics are very small and when I enlarge them, they are pretty blurry and challenging to see. Is there a better format for reading the book?? Thanks!!

    • Maria, I share your frustration about the graphics. This is a known issue with Kindle Cloud and Kindles. I used the highest resolution and size allowed by Kindle/Amazon.

      Unfortunately Amazon has not fixed this bane of authors and readers. On my next book I am devising a way to avoid screenshots of documents. They will be mostly online where I can control the size using the Envira plugin.

      I am so sorry about this. I find on iOS and Android the images do enlarge. I know that is inconvenient. I have provided a work around to readers of my book. Just sign up here and you will get the link to a Drobox folder that contains the images:

      If you need any help using this system, please contact me directly:

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