Is 2018 the year you finally organize your life on a single page?

At the end of 2016, I published a book called The Master Note System: A New Way to Use Evernote to Organize Your Life. In my book, I show you step by step how to organize everything so you can find it in a few seconds with a few clicks, taps or keystrokes, on all your devices and platforms. This is a new way of thinking about how to store important data and documents so you can find everything by a tap on a single page — your My Life Master Note — or on separate Master Notes that meet your organizational needs. You can do this with the free version of Evernote.

The Master Note System comes with a free Resource Kit with many templates so you can instantly organize your life on a single page. A recent reviewer tested my claim that you could find everything you need in your Evernote account in a few seconds or a few clicks. Here’s what he said: “Awesome. Turned Evernote from a pile of notes that I dreaded searching into a lean, mean, organization machine. It’s hard to describe the change it will make in your opinion of organization,” Then he listed 8 examples with the clicks it took.

It doesn’t take long to set this up, and you can do it bit by bit or just start with what’s most important to you and do the rest of your re-organization as you go along. Just start somewhere. I provide full instructions, many examples and a bunch of free done-for-you templates to get you going. This is a flexible and customizable system, easy to learn and tweak. If you’ve never used Evernote, my book explains the fundamentals with numerous screenshots.

So don’t keep wasting time looking for stuff you know you stored somewhere. No matter how fast you search, you won’t be able to beat the two clicks or two seconds it takes with my system (not counting opening your master note, which I leave open all the time and keep at the top of the shortcuts bar).

For more about The Master Note System, go to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Still not sure? Read this. Or see my post from November 2016.

Year after year, I was doing it wrong. Are you?

Before you waste another year daydreaming about instead of doing what you really want to to achieve...

Every year for many years, I had the same goals. And for every year for many years, I had started on these goals early in the year and then let them fizzle out.

Then I discovered a way that actually worked. Suddenly I was achieving good results even before the new year. I refined my new process and instilled it into a short guide which I urge you to read. And, more importantly, I urge you to take the Resolution Roadmap for a road test.

This little guideThe Resolution Roadmap: Achieve Your Resolutions And Goals With An Effective New System, is only 99 cents — a life-changing bargain. You get a free downloadable guide with it, Techniques That Work for Getting Unstuck. We all get stuck at times, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent detour. You get 4 ready-to use templates in 4 formats, with instructions in PDFs and videos. You can use the templates on various platforms and devices. And you get my help, if you need it, just by sending me an email.

So get it now, before you forget. Before you waste another year daydreaming about instead of doing what you really want to to achieve.

Learn more at….

Happy New Year!

Marjory Harris | The Master Note System



Scan into Evernote with any scanner

Scan into Evernote

Some scanners let you scan directly into Evernote. If your scanner does not, you can still do this with a few tweaks:

Step 1: Add a folder to your hard drive labeled “Scan to Evernote.” Scan into this folder.

Step 2: On your Evernote desktop, click on “Tools” then on “Import Folders”:


Step 3: After you click on “Import Folders” a menu box appears:


Add the folder and set to either keep or delete after scanning.

The Mac desktop does not have this feature. At present, the alternative is a dedicated scanner or third-party software. There are apps for smartphones and tablets that let you scan to Evernote, but that’s not a solution for large papers or multipage documents.