What is The Master Note System?

  • This is a new way of thinking about how to store important data and documents so you can find everything by a tap on a single page — your My Life Master Note — or on separate Master Notes that meet your organizational needs. No more typing long strings of letters or multiple tags, then reading through lists of notes looking for a specific one you need at that moment. Everything is in one place, accessible by a tap or two.
  • The Master Note System uses tables in notes. A table can hold any number of items that are easy to see in labeled columns and rows. In each cell you can put any kind of item that Evernote allows in a note: text, links, images, audio notes, checklist, check boxes, etc. The Master Note takes advantage of Evernote's "copy note link" feature. Just copy the note link from another note and paste it in a cell of your Master Note. For example, if you create a "my life Master Note" one of the cells could contain a link to a note that has all your vacation plans.
  • Think of that Russian egg which you open up and find a smaller egg inside, then you open that one and find a smaller one, until you get to the tiniest one. That is how a Master Note can work. It is as simple or as complex as you make it.

What are the key advantages to using Master Notes?

  • You will save time and frustration. Because you can find every important thing in a few seconds with just a few taps, clicks or keystrokes, you'll have time for more rewarding pursuits than searching all over for a lost note or document.
  • By organizing your life on a single page, things that matter to you won't fall through the cracks. No more forgetting a loved one's birthday, or to get your driver's license renewed, or where to find the letter you wrote, etc. Or even where you stored the spare part for your lawn mower. There is only one place to look -- your My Life Master Note.

Will I have to learn a lot of complicated terms and processes?

  • I designed the system to be easy and flexible. I did away with complex search strings and technicalities. I provide many examples and templates to get you up and running instantly. You customize what works for you.
  • Everything is explained clearly and concisely, in a step-by-step process with numerous screenshots. The free Resource Kit also contains all the tables you need to use The Master Note System immediately.

How do I make it work for me?

  • Don't just read, do! The action steps in the book get you involved quickly and easily. The pre-made tables in the Resource Kit make it a snap to set up your own Master Notes. 
  • Start with what really matters to you. It can be a to do list or memorializing your pet's birthday party. The book is full of real-life illustrations. The only limit is your imagination. If you are stuck, send me an email: marjory@masteryournotes.com

Will I have to scrap my existing system and start all over? 

  • The Master Note System works with your existing system. You can choose when and how you want to use a Master Note. All your GTD tags can work with The Master Note System. Whether you've collected notes in many notebooks or only use one, it does not matter.  The Master Note relies on links you set up so you can access data anywhere.

How are others using The Master Note System? 

  • Besides the many examples in the book, I hope to create a gallery with imaginative Master Notes that readers contribute. If you'd like to be included, please mail a screenshot to me at marjory@masteryournotes.com

What if I want to upgrade or get the business plan?

  • Just click here. If you order through my link, I get to become a leader in the Evernote Community. You don't have to buy anything when you click, so please show your support for my work and for Evernote by clicking on the link. 

What inspired the cover graphic?

  • Bob Matthews, a brilliant digital illustrator (see his work at Pixelogixs), created the cover. It was inspired by the Red Monkey of the Chinese Zodiac and also by a charming Indian fable about how an elephant and a monkey competed for the title of the most intelligent animal, but ended up collaborating. Read it here.