Why do you need a new way to organize your life and your notes?


Are you perfectly satisfied with your existing system? I know I wasn’t. Do you even have a system? I did but it still took too long to find what I needed. I wanted to find everything important in a few seconds, with two or three clicks at the most. So I created The Master Note System. After I tested it onvarious areas of my life, from work to leisure, I wrote about it in my new bestseller, The Master Note System: A New Way to Use Evernote to Organize Your Life.

What is The Master Note System?

This is a new way of thinking about how to store important data and documents so you can find everything by a tap on a single page — your My Life Master Note — or on separate Master Notes that meet your organizational needs. No more typing long strings of letters or multiple tags, then reading through lists of notes looking for a specific one you need at that moment. Everything is in one place, accessible by a tap or two.

Why do you need this?

♥ You will save time and frustration. Because you can find every important thing in a few seconds with just a few taps, clicks or keystrokes, you’ll have time for more rewarding pursuits than searching all over for a lost note or document.

♥ By organizing your life on a single page, things that matter to you won’t fall through the cracks. No more forgetting a loved one’s birthday, or to get your driver’s license renewed, or where to find the letter you wrote, etc. Or even where you stored the spare part for your lawn mower. There is only one place to look — your My Life Master Note.

What is a Master Note?

Master Notes are special notes for organizing your life. They let you find information fast. You can be more productive and effective in whatever you need to do.A Master Note is a table in a note that holds links to other notes or links to files or webpages. It can hold images, labels, text, and audio. It can hold anything that you can store in Evernote.When you use links on a table, you don’t have to search through piles of notes to find what you need. It’s like a well-organized closet: when you open the door, you see everything arranged neatly. You save time when dressing or packing for a trip. If you just threw everything in the closet, you’d have a messy pile of wrinkled, unsorted clothing.This book shows you how to create notes that put everything at your fingertips with a few keystrokes and clicks or taps. This book takes other Evernote guides a step further.

You’ll learn how you can find every important note fast and keep everything organized. You won’t need to know or remember complex syntax and search strings to find your best notes. And best of all, you’ll find things in seconds, with a tap or two.

For more about The Master Note System, go to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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