Do you waste valuable time looking for important stuff?

Free up lost time with a new way to organize your life and work with the Master Note System for Evernote

Is this you?                                                                                                          


Or is this you?


Meet Doug. He considered himself very organized. He had rows of Post-its neatly aligned on his desk and the edges of his monitor. After he had collected a bunch of these notes, he harvested them. He would write on a yellow pad the contents of each note with a coding system on what he should do first. Little codes in the margin indicated dates things were due, how urgent, who in the office needed it.

When Doug had the yellow pad list done, he would work through these notes, crossing them off as he went. When the page got messy looking, he would copy what was left over onto a new sheet on his yellow pad. He would add in the new Post-its that had accumulated on his desk and monitor.

Doug kept notes from phone calls on blue Post-its so he could distinguish them from the yellow notes. He wrote up the phone call notes on a white legal pad.

If Doug had to take a day off, no one knew what needed to be done because his coding system was peculiar to him and not in use office wide.

Every so often, a Post-it would fall off the monitor or the desk and get lost on the floor in the scuffle. One time the janitor was running a floor machine and the wind it created blew a whole bunch of notes off, and they got sucked up and disappeared.

There’s a better way, and Suzie knew it. She ran a paperless office for a medical practice. She used Evernote as her central hub for the odds and ends that didn’t fit in the practice’s patient management program. “To do” notes had clear labels and tags that made sense to others in the office.

Reminders were set and calendared automatically. A “TC” tag distinguished Telephone Calls. Suzie could quickly assemble a daily list for each person she reported to. The list was in a shared notebook and printed out for the “old fogies” who liked paper.

Sometimes she would be handed a note or a Post-it from one of her doctors. She would use the Evernote camera on her cell phone to bring the note or Post-it into Evernote.

Suzie kept a table in a note labeled “To Do Today” that held all the little things that had to be done that day, with links to documents to be worked on or to other notes.

As she finished each task, she would delete the entry from the cell. She kept the “To Do Today” note open on her desktop and would add items to it as necessary. She set Evernote to sync every three minutes so nothing would get lost that wasn’t in her present memory.

Free up lost time with a new way to organize your life and work with the Master Note System for Evernote.

In May I posted about the Master Note concept and my upcoming book (see “So you made a note, but how do you find it later?” and “Are you going nuts with notes?“). The Master Note System: A New Way to Use Evernote to Organize Your Life will be available 11/30/16 and free for three days. To find out more and how to get a free copy, go here.