So you made a note, but how do you find it later?

This post originally appeared in LinkedIn and is updated here

So you made a note, then what? The Evernote elephant may remember everything, but how can you?

Anyone can make notes, but after a while, even searching on words or tags or in notebooks, you get a long list of notes and waste time sorting through them looking for one item.

A way to keep all of this together is to use a master note such as the one hanging on the elephant graphic. Thanks to the ability to copy note links whether on the desktop or in your browser, you can put notes within notes and in tables in notes. This lets you quickly home in on the item you need to find.

In the image above, you see a note I’m using to keep track of my LinkedIn posts:

1. I start with a table within a note. Using the Evernote web clipper, I save my post to a notebook labeled “LinkedIn Posts.”
2. I copy the note link and paste it into the table along with the LinkedIn address. I attach the file I used for the image (works too to copy and paste the image from the browser).
3. I enter the date.
4. I have just started posting so I have not added any comments yet, but I can use this column for replies of substance or check boxes or other items.

This master note lets me keep track of what I wrote when, what images I used, and other data, all in the same note.

As I go along with what is for me a new process, I will no doubt tweak it and add reminders or other things that will link to my calendar or to Nozbe. I could add a “to do” or a “follow up” column.

The latest desktop version for Windows has extended the functionality of what you can do within the note. I would still like to see a format painter but maybe someday….

If you want to learn more about how I use Evernote, I discuss it at length in my new book, The Master Note System: A New Way to Use Evernote to Organize Your Life.

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