Do you waste time when traveling looking for where, what and when?

Try this travel Master Note

Do you rummage in your briefcase, back pack or purse looking for notes about where you are staying, flight information, and the like? Or try to look up stuff on your phone only to find the battery is dead or there’s no internet connection?

The solution is a Master Note, where everything you need is on the note or linked to it. You can keep a copy of a single page with your gear, while you quickly look stuff up on your tablet or phone with a click or two.

The template for this note comes with the free Resource Kit you can download to get going instantly with Master Notes. Complete instructions for making this travel note are in Chapter 8 of my new book, The Master Note System: A New Way to Use Evernote to Organize Your Life.

You don’t need to be an advanced user of Evernote to use Master Notes. By the end of Chapter 3, you’ll be whizzing along with this app. And you can do all this in the free version. The book was written for beginners as well as ninjas.

You can get this free for one more day, till midnight on December 2, 2016. Why not take a few hours this weekend to get all your most important data into Master Notes? Then start the New Year with your whole life organized on a single page.

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